Monday, November 9, 2009

Miss you guys!


Day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year seems like we (our family) didn't have any program since everyone busy with life.

This post is just to remind us, wherever we are, we still a big family. A very big family. If anyone have an idea for us to spent time together again, just leave your idea in here. We'll consider it. Thanks!

Let make a move to something bigger!

Wawasan's Alumni


viruze-ping said...

How about TTS ? we all dh lama x lepaking bersama2.
I think we have to start with meeting.As a new alumni...i think we need to conduct a meeting.apa kata abg eddy utarakan kt abg toge.Saya sokonh 100% kalau nk buat meeting.After that baru la kte bincgkn nk buat aktiviti apa

Wawasan's Alumni said...

that was good idea. will consider it. :) thanks for the suggestion.

Wawasan's Alumni

SiRabunWarna said...

it's been a while we always involve the so-called-old-timer like toge,kicap,eddy and rakan seangkatan.. why not (as my suggestion) the new alumni try to meeting each other first, try to get who else that interested with the FAMILY, come up with some fresh plan then have a meeting with toge (or whoever it is) for final touch up.... as we know that many of the 'old' alumni already have a tight commitment ... but agreed with TTS (started by Adib Fadzil) to be conduct again... and thanx to Zuraidi Ahmad Daud for bring this tought back...

this is just my 2 cent of opinion... nothing big