Saturday, December 19, 2009

Never leave you alone!

It's been a while, since all of us busy with our own life, we got no time to update this blog.

But today we would like to write about something we think we should talk about for our better family in future.

We heard something from 'someone' that Wawasan's new family now never get any help or support from alumni. We want to clear it, like one of our brother said in his comment at SOWU :

We are from alumni so called 'orang tua' dlm wawasan never leave wawasan. wawasan never die in our heart. we will always give all of you support not to stand or not to walk, but to be one of our brothers and sisters in this one great family like we did before. family we called WAWASAN.

"When we love a tree, try to love the whole tree start from the root, not just the leave and the fruits. It's all in one connection. When we left something in this family of tree, the tree will be useless."


Yes, we are agree with his taught, we never leave you alone like what Liverpool fan said to their team. We never do that. Like the quote said, Love the whole tree start from the root, not just the leaves and the fruits.

We love all of you.

Wawasan's Alumni

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